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One-to-one tuition is the key to effective learning.  Leeds Violin School prepares a programme tailored to each student's individual needs, abilities and preferences.  It can be as slow or as fast as the student chooses, and the teachers at Leeds Violin School ensure that the full potential of each student is explored.

As well as following the principles of Suzuki teaching, one of the teachers at Leeds Violin School also follows the principles of Kodaly, which are particularly beneficial in the teaching of young children.



Learning to play the violin is satisfying, challenging and fun, whatever your age.  Leeds Violin School welcomes students of all ages, from as young as 3 years old to long-retired adults.  Whether you are a parent interested in lessons for your child, or an adult wanting to refresh a childhood passion or start a new hobby, Leeds Violin School will help you achieve your goal - and it is never too late to start!

Students at a Leeds Violin School concert


Group learning in addition to individual lessons is extremely beneficial as well as being enjoyable to share music-making with others.  In addition to providing individual violin lessons on a one-to-one basis, Leeds Violin School encourages students to join either its Junior Violin Group or the Leeds Folk Fiddle Group for adult learners. Leeds Violin School also collaborates with local orchestras and is happy to assist in finding a suitable orchestra for anyone wishing to play classical music with others in addition to individual lessons.

These are the words of the great music educator, violinist Shinichi Suzuki, and it is the strong belief of the teachers at Leeds Violin School that both children and adults can learn to play the violin beautifully if taught in the correct way.  



The Principal of Leeds Violin School is Iveta Hlavenkova, who has been a violin teacher in Leeds since 2010. As will be seen from the many testimonials from her adult students and parents of young students, Iveta has built up a reputation for making violin lessons a mixture of fun, satisfying and successful for her students.  


Most of Iveta’s pupils who undertake examinations with the UK’s leading music examining body, the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), achieve a Distinction or Merit, and one pupil has recently been awarded one of the highest marks ever, 147 out of 150.

Iveta Hlavenkova, Principal of Leeds Violin School with a young pupil

Iveta Hlavenkova, violin teacher in Leeds

Success in exam results is not pursued at the expense of nurturing the student's enjoyment, however, as it is through enjoyment that the most beneficial learning takes place.  Excellent exam results are more a recognition of the effectiveness of Iveta Hlavenkova's approach to teaching all-round musical skills, and her reputation has resulted in a long waiting list of parents and adult learners.  This has been one of the factors in the founding of Leeds Violin School and the training of violin teachers in Iveta’s philosophy and methods, which have proved so successful in terms of her pupils' progress and also hugely enjoyable for students of all ages, including those as young as 3 years old.

Developing playing skills

One of the factors which contributes to the development of students at Leeds Violin School is the encouragement to take part in playing with others.  No matter how young or for how long the student has been learning, he or she is encouraged to see performing as a natural part of learning the violin, by taking part in end-of-term concerts for family and friends.  


Children also have the opportunity to join the Junior Violin Group at Leeds Violin School, whilst adults are able to join the Leeds Folk Fiddle Group led by Iveta Hlavenkova when they reach a suitable level.  Most students find that playing with others greatly enhances their enjoyment of learning to play the violin.

Leeds Violin School also seeks opportunities for their students to perform with other organisations.  Recently the most advanced pupils took part in the Festival of Russian Music organised by Leeds College of Music, an event which was held at Holy Trinity Church in Leeds city centre.

An adult student at Leeds Violin School
Adults music group from Leeds Violin School
Adult student at Leeds Violin School

"The best way to refine an interpretation is by getting out and performing"

Joshua Bell, violinist


Many parents find that playing with others is a good complement to their child's individual violin lessons as it helps children to learn to socialise and make new friends.  Teachers at Leeds Violin School create opportunities for students to play in duets and ensembles, including playing with other instrumentalists.  Some students have played their violin in a duet with a flute, in a quartet with a cello and also with guitars.  In addition they have used their violin to accompany singers.

As well as helping children to develop social skills and make new friends, learning to play a musical instrument also teaches children to develop memory and concentration skills, as well as self-discipline and a sense of responsibility.  Leeds Violin School works with parents to help children develop these skills which are of great benefit in adult life.

A child pupil performing at a concert held by Leeds Violin School
A child pupil performing at a concert held by Leeds Violin School


See News for more updates on activities at Leeds Violin School

A child pupil takes a bow at a Leeds Violin School concert

“I would teach children music, physics and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning”  - Plato

Child student at Leeds Violin School

Please look around our web site to find out more about our ethos, as well as the lessons, teachers and venues where lessons are held.  You will also find many recommendations from satisfied pupils, both adult students and parents, on the respective Testimonials pages.

State and Private Schools in Leeds

Iveta Hlavenkova and violin teacher Imogen Clarke both hold current DBS certificates issued by Leeds City Council.  The schools at which they work include Lawnswood School where Iveta teaches three groups.  Please contact Leeds Violin School if you would like to discuss the provision of violin lessons at your school.

If you are interested in violin lessons at Leeds Violin School for yourself or your child, we would be happy to hear from you - please contact us if you have any questions or would like to arrange a convenient weekly slot.

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