Centre of Excellence for Violin Teaching

Principal : Iveta Hlavenkova


NEWS about Leeds Violin School

NEWS about Leeds Folk Fiddle Group

NEWS about the Junior Violin Group

The latest updates about Leeds Violin School are published on its Facebook page, an extract from which is shown below.  The page can be viewed by non-members of Facebook.  As will be seen, Leeds Violin School organises many activities for its pupils, including competitions, workshops, the Junior Violin Group and end-of-term concerts attended by family and friends.

The events organised by Leeds Violin School are designed to give its students confidence in making music with others from an early stage, so whether the pupil is a beginner or playing at an advanced level, each student is given the opportunity to take part in the school's activities.


Leeds Violin School also has a Twitter account which can be viewed by non-members.  An extract is published on the Home page of this web site.

The Principal of Leeds Violin School, violin teacher Iveta Hlavenkova, also runs a folk fiddle group, mainly for adults.  News about the Leeds Folk Fiddle Group can be seen on its publicly-viewable Twitter and Facebook pages, and extracts are also published on the Leeds Folk Fiddle Group page on this web site.

The latest news about the Junior Violin Group, run by Leeds Violin School, is published on its publicly-viewable Facebook page. Alternatively, see an extract on the page about the Junior Violin Group on this web site.