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Principal : Iveta Hlavenkova


ABOUT Leeds Violin School

The principles which led to the success of Iveta Hlavenkova's own teaching practice are the same principles underlying the teaching at Leeds Violin School, which are as follows:

Ethos of Leeds Violin School

Violin teacher, Iveta Hlavenkova, Leeds

To develop musicality in its students, together with a love of music;


To ensure that students learn, from the start and irrespective of their age, the correct technique for playing the violin. Unless budding violinists are taught such essentials as how to produce a good tone, together with correct posture, bow hold, wrist position etc , they will be unable to progress to playing advanced and physically demanding music;


To help both children and adults reach their full potential as musicians, whether that is ultimately to become a professional violinist, to achieve their desired results in graded exams or simply to gain as much pleasure as possible out of learning to play the violin as a satisfying hobby;


To enable students to experience the enjoyment of playing with others, which Leeds Violin School does by organising concerts, workshops and groups for children and adults in order to create performance opportunities for its students.

Iveta Hlavenkova, Principal of Leeds Violin School

Leeds Violin School owes its formation to the passion and drive of its Principal, Iveta Hlavenkova, whose vision is to establish a centre of excellence for violin teaching in Leeds.


Iveta Hlavenkova is a skilled professional violinist, as can be seen from her profile on the Teachers page, but it is her philosophy as a violin teacher which is the foundation stone of Leeds Violin School.

Testimonial recommending Leeds Violin School

"My daughter had been learning the violin for two years in group lessons and was starting to lose enthusiasm - her progress was slow and she didn’t practise. Lessons with Iveta have changed all that. From the first lesson she began to practise regularly and within a few months decided to work towards her Grade 1 exam which she has just passed with a Distinction."

"We wanted to find a violin teacher for our then, 6 year old daughter. There are many instrument tutors who take short cuts, which as you would progress up the grade examinations would need to be "re-learnt" and work hard to fix bad habits. After a detailed search, we thought that Iveta would be perfect for our daughter's needs.  After 2 years of lessons our daughter has turned into a great violinist."

Testimonials from students

Child pupil at Leeds Violin School
Adult student at Leeds Violin School

"I enrolled with Iveta for lessons and she was marvellous!  Gradually and skilfully she taught me how to read music and how to practise reading music. Every lesson was full of pointers on how to become a better player.  thanks to her patient preparation I have managed to pass grade 1,2 and 3 all at distinction level.   I know for certain that without my lessons I would not have progressed so quickly. Marvellous patient teacher and lovely person."

See these testimonials in full, together with many others, on the pages for Testimonials from Adult Students and Testimonials from Parents.

Iveta Hlavenkova, Principal, Leeds Violin School


Leeds Violin School has exciting plans for the future and is looking to recruit additional violin teachers to help implement them.  


Does the school's ethos strike a chord with you?  If you are willing to embrace and teach the school's methods to a very high standard, and you have at least a Distinction at Grade 8 violin, we would be interested to hear from you.


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