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Principal : Iveta Hlavenkova

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The teachers at Leeds Violin School believe that learning to play the violin should be an exciting and rewarding journey, leading to a lifelong love of music in general and the violin in particular.  The focus of individual lessons at Leeds Violin School is technique and musicality, because until these foundations are securely laid, pupils will be unable to reach advanced levels of either playing or musicianship.  


LESSONS at Leeds Violin School

The age range of students at Leeds Violin School is extremely broad, from children aged 3+ to retired adults who often discover that learning the violin gives them a new lease of life.  Many children have an innate musicality, which they show by singing, dancing, conducting or tapping their feet, and children as young as 3 years old can find an outlet for their musical enthusiasm in learning the violin.

The individual one-to-one lessons at Leeds Violin School are designed to enable students to experience the satisfaction which comes with improvement and achievement, whilst at the same time ensuring that the learning process is fun and enjoyable. The teachers have a warm and friendly approach, and are resourceful in using different methods to communicate with children, teenage students and adults.

Leeds Violin School encourages students to take exams for several reasons.  For some students, examinations provide a focus and a motivation to work towards a goal.


The music played in examinations has to be learnt to a highly polished standard, and it is good practice even for beginner students to gain experience of perfecting a piece as much as they can.

One-to-one lessons are normally held weekly in order to maintain progress, although alternative arrangements can be discussed.  The basic fee is £20 for half-an-hour, which is suitable for young children.  For students aged around 8+ years, a 45-minute lesson is the most effective period, whilst for older teenagers and adults, an hour is the optimum lesson time in which the most progress can be achieved.  The rates for 45 minutes and 60 minutes are offered at a discounted rate, being £27 and £35 respectively.


Lessons are payable in advance, in blocks of 5 or 10, by either online payment or other arrangement.


10 lessons, 1 hour : £35

5 lessons, 1 hour : £35

10 lessons, 45 minutes : £27

5 lessons, 45 minutes : £27

10 lessons, 30 minutes : £20

5 lessons, 30 minutes : £20

=  £350

=  £270

=  £200

=  £175

=  £135

=  £100



Lesson Aims


Leeds Violin School provides lessons at flexible times, day and evening, and also during the weekend.  Lessons can be arranged either at the School's base at the Yorkshire College of Music & Drama opposite the University of Leeds, or at its studio at Woodhouse Community Centre, a short distance from Hyde Park.  For full details of each Centre, please see the Venues page.

To book a series of one-to-one lessons at Leeds Violin School, please contact the Principal, Iveta Hlavenkova, to discuss a convenient weekly slot.



Lessons for children of around 3 years old start with introducing the child to the violin and encouraging playing, but the lessons are also designed to develop the child's overall music awareness.  Singing is an important element as it is through singing that children learn intonation, and learning to play in tune is a key aspect of violin playing.  In addition to singing, a wide range of other physical and fun activities are used in lessons, such as clapping, rhythm exercises and games, active listening to music and learning about forms and genres.

Practice at home in-between lessons is an important element in making progress for children and adults alike.  It consolidates what has been taught in the lesson and builds a strong foundation for the next lesson.  In the case of younger children, parents are actively encouraged to be present at their child’s lesson, either regularly or every few weeks, so that they can help their child with practice between lessons.  Parents who are not able to attend lessons with their child can still play an important role by reading the teacher's notes in their child's lesson book, communicating with the teacher and helping their child to practise effectively.  


At Leeds Violin School, lessons for children are seen as a three-way team of teacher, child and parent agreeing goals and strategies to ensure progress whilst at the same time fostering the child's love of music and the violin.

Child playing the violin

To assist in developing aural skills, which are deemed important enough by the ABRSM to be tested in their exams, children are taught to play tunes and rhythms on simple instruments such as the xylophone, triangle, tambourine, drum and other percussion instruments.

By introducing young children to these fun musical activities, they learn to associate music with enjoyment and are better prepared for the next stage in their journey of learning to play the violin.

Students of Leeds Violin School who take graded exams are tutored in the requirements of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), which is the leading music examining body both in the UK and globally.

The teachers at Leeds Violin School ensure that their students are well prepared before the examination in order that they can achieve the best result of which they are capable.  The overwhelming majority of students at Leeds Violin School are awarded a Distinction or a Merit, with the highest mark to date being 147 out of a possible 150, which was earned by an adult student, Dr Katharyn Hall.

Students of all ages are encouraged to think of music exams as a performance, and are provided with plenty of prior experience by performing for family and friends at end-of-term concerts, as well as playing with other students in duets and ensembles.


Children of about 8-10 years old are offered the opportunity to play in the Junior Violin Group, whilst adults who are at a suitable level can join the Leeds Folk Fiddle Group which is run by Iveta Hlavenkova.

"You are a wonderful teacher and I enjoy the lessons very much!"

"She's been great at motivating my youngest daughter to love music. "

The above extracts can be seen in full, together with many more recommendations from adult students and parents of young students on the respective Testimonials pages.

"She really likes Iveta's lessons because she's kind and doesn't make it boring, she makes it fun!"


Lessons for Adults & Children






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